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    From The Place Where Santa Sleeps


MEMO: From Santa                                                                                     Christmas 2014    


Dear Believers,


Let me tell you a true story that started 38 years ago and ends up right here at Clemsonville

Christmas Tree Farm.


It all began when brochures were placed in a supermarket in Gaithersburg, Maryland back

in 1976. A nice young man named Jim Lucey, then a secret service agent and now director

of security at the National Gallery of Art, picked up a brochure and came to Clemsonville

for his first REAL Christmas tree.


Now, and for the past 37 years, Jim and his growing entourage have gathered at Clemsonville

for their trees, wreaths and good times. No wonder his 50 or so followers call him “Mr.

Christmas Tree.”


Over the years many things have led the Lucey Group to keep coming back to Clemsonville's

250 acre farm. One reason might be the price of any tree at only $20.00. Another reason could   

be the beautiful “Boulder Garden – Christmas Wonderland” or the “Nature Maze”  along with

“America's Largest REAL Christmas Wreath.” Maybe it was me coming down the chimney or

the Guinness record breaking wreaths that caught their fancy. Whatever it was, we want you

to join them in the eternal search for the “Perfect Tree.”



Come to the beautiful Maryland Countryside on November 29, 2014 at 3:30 pm and be part of

“Jim's Group” or come visit us anytime after Thanksgiving until Christmas.  Start your  Christmas

Season here and make it like Jim Lucey's  “A Clemsonville Tree...A Christmas Tradition.”

Come one and all!!!



P.S. Join us and the Lucey Group on their visit to the new “Jim Lucey Corner” in the Christmas

Barn where Jim and I plan to write our new book “FINDING THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS



Clemsonville Christmas Tree Farm is open Friday, Saturday & Sunday beginning November 26, 2022 through Christmas Eve from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.All Trees are $40

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